ADM.IN Karol Skiba

SysAdmin &
IT Specialist

Helping you grow your business with comprehensive IT knowledge

My technical skills to help you


Linux administration

Configuring and managing servers (Ubuntu & Debian). System security hardening. Monitoring and implementation of services ie: FTPS, SMTP, IMAP, DNS.


Website development

Using technologies and tools such as: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, Django, React.



Infrastructure reconnaissance, information gathering and vulnerability searching.


DevOps skills

Automate the deployment of services using the Ansible tool. Configuration of web servers (Nginx & Apache). Isolating services using Docker containerization.


Application development

Ceating web applications in the Node.js environment using the Express framework.


database management

Knowledge of relational MySQL databases and non-relational MongoDB.

I'm a self-taught person fascinated by the possibilities of IT technology. I am happy when I can help someone. I enjoy the continuous process of self-improvement.

About yourself

Developer and administrator to help you grow and maintain your business in a digital world.